terça-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2015

sábado, 3 de janeiro de 2015


Após o enorme álbum Tragicomedies, Rudy Zygadlo apresenta mais um single maravilhoso!

Aqui fica a descrição da fonte:

"With Lily I was mirth-ing at the Annunciation; when Gabriel comes to the virgin Mary, hands her a Lily, and requests she bare the son of God. As with a lot of bible mythology, the Lily is inherited from the Greeks, wherein they are said to be grown from the milk of Hera’s breast and thus symbolise birth and motherhood. In the christian scenario the lily is something more abstract and virtuous. Purity. Mary is a Virgin and whats more, monogamous. 

I like the idea that the lily is a censorial object. In this case it hides something more scandalous. Its hiding excited genitalia, sex and adultery. If not sex itself, then it is seduction at the very least. Its an invitation. So where as in the thousands of paintings depicting the annunciation the angel is handing a white flower to the glowing Mary, in my artwork the Lily text hides the real fertiliser; the genitalia of a mating couple. To add insult to injury, they also happen to be of the same sex. 
In a lot of my tracks I like to pay homage to my place of residence. The first album, Great Western Laymen was written on Great Western Road. The first track from the second album Koppernikus was written on Koppernikus Strasse. And this track was written at an address which contains the eponym".